Research, design & development
by concept artists

HYPERBASE transforms concept art into concrete solutions and we project what can be the future of textile. Artists & engineers cross cultures with creatives & technical fields to propose their vision of our tomorrowland with wild alternatives & harmless textile solutions to the fashion industry.

HYPERBASE is a common & personal vision from different artists & technicians to bring back the art in the R&D conception. A reflection of cultures that have crossed our society and have influenced the place and role of clothing in our daily lives. We associate industrial design & biomimicry with underground culture history to create speculative designs & solutions.


Our role is to go beyond the boundaries of established design, R&D and models of communication to create concept designs, textiles & creative content to talk about environmental solutions. We are doing reasearch design & development to project ideas.

We source textile solution and create 3D fabric to imagine creative idea by using real textures from natural and urban environment. Our goal it’s to show possibilities and variability of textile research design, material creation and development to materialize with suppliers


We are inspired by magazines from the 50s, 60s and 70s like “Future City”, “Science and Inventions’ and “Bohn” in which artists, engineers and inventors gave their vision of the city, objects and vehicles of the future through concept art.

Through fictional stories, HYPERBASE present materials possibilities for environmental issues that actually exist on the market or that are under development. We develop stories with a scriptwriter to give a dreamlike vision of our research.


Music is the most important part of our inspiration to create concept art. We collaborate with sound designer and beatmaker to build atmospheres for each visual content.


HYPERBASE is a mix between culture with the aim of highlighting the archives of artistic movements. Clothing is a vector of culture and counterculture. It has a role and a function, its cultural identity makes it different and the attitude gives its authenticity.

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